House up for sale? STOP FORECLOSURE immediately using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Stop Foreclosure Sale – Houston Bankruptcy.

If your house is up for foreclosure or property tax sale, Busby & Southward can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you to STOP THE SALE. Chapter 13 helps you get BACK ON YOUR FEET and helps you get BACK ON TRACK paying the monthly house payment again. Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you reorganize your debts like your truck/car payment and pay it off along with getting rid of other unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans and medical bills. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh start and protect your house while STILL getting you out of debt.

Foreclosure is a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be. When you find out that your house is up for foreclosure sale or property tax sale of course it can frighten you. You’re thinking “I’m going to lose my house!!”

We Save Houses !

Here at Busby and Southward we’ve been saving houses every month for over 20 years. All hope is NOT LOST. Now we know for most people, it is not your fault. It’s not your fault that if you lost your job and were unable to make your house payments. It’s not your fault if you got sick and were unable to work. The problem remains that on date of the
foreclosure, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

Your mortgage company may understand your situation, but if you’re not making those house payments, and you’ve fallen too far behind, you’ll probably never get caught up. So if you don’t take ANY ACTION–you will LOSE your house. What happens is one day you’re going to get a notice of a foreclosure in the mail. It’s scary because you realize that if you don’t take any action-if you don’t do anything, you’ll lose your house on that day.

Now, there is good news. I’m here to tell you that if you are proactive, you can stop that foreclosure sale in its tracks! Here at Busby and Southward we use chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure sales every month. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a very powerful tool. Because the minute you file a case it stops all foreclosure actions. In fact it stops all legal actions against you immediately. Your mortgage company and all other creditors cannot move forward against you to collect any debt.

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a repayment plan or a reorganization plan. It allows you to reorganize any secured debt like property taxes owed; you can put your truck or car into the plan and pay it off; pay off the IRS and reorganize that debt and pay it back in your monthly payment plan. It will also help you eliminate any other lingering unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans or medical bills. It’s that powerful.

Once you file for bankruptcy protection your house is protected and then you will start going back to paying your house payment like normal. You will also make an additional payment on top of that that will go to CATCH UP those mortgage arrears you have on the house loan. This is going to allow you to get BACK ON YOUR FEET. The bankruptcy allows you to get BACK ON TRACK to making those house payments again like normal.

If you’re facing foreclosure next month or even tomorrow– don’t worry we can file an emergency bankruptcy petition for you in about two hours. We can STOP that sale of your house. Even if tomorrow is the sale date!

Call Now – Protect your house

You need to call Busby and Southward now at (713) 974-8099 or go to our website and schedule an appointment. We are virtual. We can do everything over the phone or through video conferencing. If you are facing foreclosure, give us a call. We can STOP it immediately