Important Links for Bankruptcy Cases

Here is the Portfolio where you will list your real property and personal property that you are required to disclose in your bankruptcy case

Portfolio 2020 ENGLISH

Portfolio 2020 SPANISH

For Chapter 13 cases. Link to theĀ National Data Center. Create an account so review payments received and payments the trustee is making to your creditors.

This video walks through the information available on a typical chapter 13 bankruptcy case. We show the important dates that are available in your case. We show case information like the dates that you filed or the date of your confirmation hearing. We also show who your attorney is and the judge in your case. We show you some of the neat profiles available in the national data center. It shows the payments due by each month of your plan and the payments received, and it shows if you are ahead or behind on those payments. you can track all the claims in your case. From house and car claims, to internal revenue service claims. You can even track the unsecured creditors in your case. You can see how much any creditor has been paid. You will see how often your trusty is paying your secured accounts like the house and car. Finally the ledger will show by month by week all the payments that have been received from you through a wage order or that you've made direct or online. It'll also show the disbursements that the trustee is made in each creditor's account. And you can track how much is left. If that information is important it's going to be available to you on your own personal account

Creating the National Data Center account

What you can view on your National Data Center account