STOP REPOSSESSION immediately using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

STOP REPOSSESSION immediately using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Whether your truck has already been repossessed or your car is in danger of repossession, the minute you file bankruptcy you STOP the repossession from going any further.

As long as your truck as not been sold at an auction, we can typically get it returned to you in two days. If it is up for repossession, we can stop any future action immediately. You can pay off the vehicle loan with a very low interest rate; and if your loan is old enough, we may be able to pay off vehicle only for what it is worth — not what you owe.

Chapter 13 also takes care of your unsecured debt like credit cards, personal loans and medical bills. You typically pay those creditors back at pennies on dollars. So when you plan is done, the truck title will be released and you will be debt free. If your car or truck has been repossessed, we can file an emergency bankruptcy case within one day, and we can typically have your vehicle returned in two days. Call Busby & Southward today at 713-974-8099

Stop Repossession with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In our video above, we discuss how to stop a repossession utilizing chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Of course you love your truck, but times are tough. You fell behind on the payments a little bit. The thing is is that you didn’t think you were that far behind, but as you’re heading out to work one morning, you walk outside. “OH NO” where is my truck? Now of course in the back of your mind you know what’s happened. Your truck has been repossessed

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But don’t despair. We can get your truck back. We get it back by using bankruptcy bankruptcy stops repossession immediately in its tracks and what this means is that we can get your car returned to you as long as it’s not been sold at an auction because the minute you file a bankruptcy it freezes the creditor and what this means is something called an automatic stay goes into effect so the minute you file a case it’s the court it stops collections and it stops all repossessions of course it’s going to stop a future repossession because we’ll be notifying them that you file bankruptcy and they can’t take any action but it’s also going to force a creditor to return your car if it’s already been repossessed that’s the power of chapter 13 bankruptcy now it is a repayment plan and what this means is that you’re going to reorganize and you’re going to repay your debts but it’s gonna be on your terms so in the repayment plan you’re gonna pay a bankruptcy trustee each month and out of those payments the trustee is gonna pay off your truck or car loan with a decent interest rate and if the car loan is old enough we can cram down the loan and what that means is that you can pay only what the car is worth and of course this can save you thousands of dollars and as mentioned earlier by paying off the car at a reasonable interest rate and currently folks that’s five point two five percent obviously if you’re at eighteen or nineteen percent interest on your vehicle this can save you thousands of dollars now the good thing is that chapter 13 bankruptcy also takes care of credit cards personal loans and medical bills and typically well are going to pay pennies on the dollar so chapter 13 is great because it saves your vehicle from being repossessed and also gets rid of your unsecured debt and we can help you now so if your trucks already been repossessed as long as it’s not been sold at an auction we can file an emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy in one day and we can typically get your vehicle returned to you in two days now most plans will go from three to five years and when that plan is done then you’re going to be debt free and you’ll be giving the title to your vehicle so if your vehicle has been repossessed or it’s up for repossession or in danger of it please give Busby & Southward a call today at seven one three nine seven four eighty ninety nine we can do telephonic and video conferences and like I mentioned earlier we can typically get a case filed within one day and then we can typically get your vehicle returned two days after filing