If you are a debtor in a chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Southern District of Texas you need to get an account set up with the National Data Center . The National Data Center is where your chapter 13 trustee stores information about your case. Head over to https://www.ndc.org/home to get started.

You are going to need to have information regarding your case to access your information online.

Click on Debtor Access. https://www.ndc.org/debtor-registration-instructions

Okay we are ready to set up an account with the national data center. As this page explains what you’ll need is your full name, your bankruptcy case number, the last four digits of your social security number, your trustee’s name, which here in the Southern District of Texas and the Houston division would be David Peake or William Heitkamp, and a list of creditors from your bankruptcy case you. (You don’t actually need a full list of yourc reditors. Questions will be about a couple of your creditors.

Click on get started now and then you’re going to enter in your case information. You will enter in your email address; your first and last name; your case number; and the last four of your social security number; the state you’re in (which for us would be Texas of course); and then you would select your trustee. So here you would enter either William Heitkamp or David Peake. Then proceed to step two, which you provide information about your case and are asked some qualifying questions.

That’s how you get set up with the National Data Center. You get real-time information. You get complete information about your case and you creditor claims; the payments you have made. It shows if you are current with your payments and then of course, it shows where the money is being disbursed from your trustee.

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