Why is this Old Pay Day Loan bothering me?

Did you get an email about an old pay day loan you once had? Did the email attach some official looking federal government logo making it look like it came from a Court or a Federal Agency? Did they threaten you with jail or prosecution? Did they use some out of state law firm that doesn’t exist? Did they give the name of a real court but provide a fake court case number?

But did they also give you information about how you can take care of this by paying for it? Yes?  Then it’s a scam. If you are getting sued for an old debt, it certainly will not come to you by email.

Call them. Ask them if you can mail them a check. Notice how their address is nowhere to be found? They want you to pay electronically. They don’t want you to know who they are or where are from. No legitimate creditor would refuse to take a check from you. It’s a scam.

Most of the logos they use mimic a federal agency, but it’s fake. The spelling is bad. The English is bad. Trust me, if you are getting sued, it is coming from a process server or in the mail. It never comes through email.

Sure, maybe you did have a loan with this alleged company. It is our suspicion that your date has been bought and sold over and over again on the dark web. So while it may have once been a legitimate debt, it from years ago. These folks are most likely from another country and most likely from an old Eastern bloc country. They just want you to pay them some money and then they move on . Sure it sounds bad, but there is no debtor’s prison in this country. So do your best to ignore them.